From the Desk of the Principal,

Gem International Residential School  & Gem International Composite PU College

Campus life at Gem is a truly enriching multi-dimensional experience! Workshops, seminars, exhibitions, guest lectures, talent shows, debates, departmental activities, coral music, dances and a host of other events unfold on campus at regular intervals throughout the academic year. Together, this constitutes a potent shape force in the overall development of students’ personality and a valuable tool in the honing of leadership and organizing skills!

Excellent infrastructure is absolutely essential for a truly enriched learning experience and in this regard GEM is second to none! In addition to the curriculum prescribed, a lot of emphasis is given on learning the great lessons of life from noble individuals who have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavor! We are always committed to a vision of education that is life transforming. We are indeed on a MAN MAKING MISSION! That is why; we have spared no efforts to ensure that the quality of education offered here is truly holistic and is aimed at offering not just the LIVELIHOOD SKILLS but also the important LIFE SKILLS, since we strongly believe that education must prepare you for life in all its fullness. Welcome to Gem!

Mrs. S. H. Desai,
Gem International Residential School  & Gem International Composite PU College.

Bevinahalli, Alipur Post – 561213, Chikkaballapur District, Near Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Contact for admissions: +91-9740548833/9019643310.

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