GIRS have separate Residence wing for Boys and girls.

The residence wing consists of modern, relaxed places for students to study, mingle and settle down. As onboard staff of the residential wing provides the daily support needed to meet academic, emotional and community needs of the students.

In response to the challenges of increasingly hectic family lives, GIRS provides a bendable and compassionate second home, Starting from Grade 3 i.e. 8years onwards, students are eligible to live on campus. Residence wing offers after-school coaching.

By staying in residence wing students can save daily travel time, study in teams and work on group assignments. Availing these features help students focus on the academics.


The students are accommodated in beautiful residential wing. 

The rooms have attached bathroom facility.

It is very spacious and user friendly.

Ample importance is given to mingle the homely comforts with highly organized and efficient implementation.

It is affable for generating the vibes for tuneful community living.

Separate hall of residence for boys and girls meeting the requirements of International Standards maintained by a in-house staff and hostel superintendent.

A lounge and a recreation room in each hall of residence, to provide conveniences for indoor games.

Every student’s enclave has an exclusive and hygienic sanitary unit with provision for 24 hours hot & cold water supply.

Each dormitory houses its supervisory staff i.e. a House Master and a Matron who have special well defined roles for the residents of the dormitory.

Many other resident staff members are involved in the school’s full programme of co-curricular activities, which includes formal dining and presentations on life skills. In addition all students, whether boarding or day belong to a small extra coaching class led by a resident teacher who has responsibility for the all round development of the children.

The onboard staff constantly keeps the child comfortable and also counsels the child.

The residences of the Hostel staff and authorities are attached to the wing. 

Bevinahalli, Alipur Post – 561213, Chikkaballapur District, Near Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Contact for admissions: +91-9740548833/9019643310.

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