72nd Independence Day Celebrated on 15/08/2018, at Gem International Residential School & Composite PU College. Chief Guest Ms. Aiyshwarya Mahadev.

“12th Investiture Ceremony” Celebrated 30th July 2018, Chief Guest: Mr. Syed Nasir Hussain, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Guest of Honour Mr. Zafar Moinuddin. 

Teachers Training Programme Conducted for all ICSE Schools of Chikkaballapur Dist. and about 300 Teachers participated at Gem International Residential School

Investiture Ceremony Celebrated on 5th July 2016.

Former Ext. Affairs Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid with Principal Mrs. S.H. Desai at Gem International Residential School, Stall, New Delhi. 26th July 2015. 

Competence test in English

ICSE Syllabus stresses on language and comprehension skills and it is tested through examination. In order to encourage language ability and skill, a test was designed for the students from IV to PUC. This test included vocabulary, spellings, structures, comprehension, usages involved in our day-to-day conversation. We felt an awareness must be created to this effect among children. English being the campus language should be given a lot of emphasis to create a good academic environment. There was an overwhelming response and the students performed better than what we had expected. It was held on 25.07.2012 and a record number of 80 participants from each facet took part in it. A remedial class was held and the remaining students were tested later on. The winners of this competition are Krupa L. of VIII and S.M.Aafaq VI A. We thank Mrs. Vimala and Mrs. Shubhaprada for their ingenious effort.

Inter- School Debate Competition

Real meaning of education is accomplished only when a child is ready to face the real world. As It is rightly  observed by F.Beacon, “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man”.  Debate enables a student to be more expressive and teaches the art of listening to others. Keeping this as an objective our school conducted Inter-School  competition on the topic “Should we have common examination system in India?” It was conducted on 7th  July, 2012  in school auditorium. Five schools have participated with full enthusiasm and energy. This occasion was graced by Prof. Dodde Gowda, Retd. Lecturer, National College, Gauribidanur, Mr. Sanjeevarayappa, Retd. Inspector, K.S.R.T.C., Mr. Hiremath English Teacher, Ambedkar Vidyanikethan High School, Taridalu, as judges. All the schools presented their views to the best of their ability and Gem International School had an edge over the rest with 139 points to get the first place. Zainabiya School, Alipur got second prize with 127 points and the effort of the children need a special mention. Miss. Sangeetha (GIRS), Miss. Syeda Hashime Fathima, Zainabiya School, Alipur won first prize and Miss. Yoga Shri of Vidyanidhi Public School, Gauribidanur, Miss. Sahifa Fathima GIRS has won the second prize.

Inter-house Dumb Charade Competition

Communication is an important tool, which enabled animals, birds, human beings to understand better. It developed in different forms, gestures, oral and written form. Communication through gestures seems to be more effective which can surely replace a hundred words. Gestures are the most decent way of expression and as such it can be used for all purposes. This particular competition helps the students to develop their analytical, imaginative and interpretative skills. This competition was organized for the senior students on 28th July, 2012. We had different rounds from simple to complex and, Emerald Facet stood first followed by Diamond which stood next.

Ist Unit Test

The first unit test conducted from 02.07.2012 to 09.07.2012. The purpose of the test was to have a look at the performance of the students. We thought this test should assess the quality of teaching and learning. It is a well known fact that children read only when there is an assessment. And if test is not conducted, the purpose of teaching may be defeated. Unit test assumes a lot of importance as it induces the child to read and prepare on  regular basis. We had some apprehension regarding the hectic schedule where the students were compelled to write two papers on the same day from Grade VI to X. After the examination, we felt that, the time is not a constraint and the only reading habit mattered. Most of the children must cultivate good reading habit. And the students in the secondary school should devote at least four hours a day for reading.

Some of the best performance of the students could be summarized as follows:
Rakshitha P.B of I, Rakesh D of II , Nandakishore Yadav of III, Bhavana H.S. of IV, Suhas T.G. of V, Syed Md. Aafaq of VI, Divya C.R. of VII, Sahana T. of VIII, Akshay Kiran K.V. of IX and Sangeetha K.R. of X. Ruby facet was adjudged as the best facet in academics followed by Diamond.

Memory test

Memory plays an important role in our current education system. Memory could be developed by doing something on regular basis. This made us to conduct a test on 28.07.2012  , to evaluate this component of the brain from Grade I to Grade IV. This test revealed that students are not basically dullards but the system of teaching and learning failed somewhere. Miss.Syeda Sumaya Hashimi of VI B and Anusha D.N. of VI A have shown remarkable performance. Teachers are very thoughtful, and I hope they would invent some new techniques to make teaching more effective.

Parent-Teacher Meet

Education being a four pillared edifice needs the support of all the stake holders-the parents, the students, the faculty and the management. Education is meaningful only when all these four pillars lend their support. We thought to enlighten the parents on the performance of their wards and build-up confidence. This meet was held on 14th July, 2012 soon after the First Unit Test. The head of the institution gave some guidelines and discussed on certain issues concerning the teachers, parents and the students. Many parents expressed their views openly and admired the transparency and the fairness of the examination. Few parents suggested to hold the future meetings class-wise, and stressed on personality development and discipline.

Quiz in Social Science

Children ought to have knowledge on the prevailing issues concerning us today. Children need to possess knowledge and awareness on social values, cultural heritage, customs, civic sense etc.. and these ingredients are necessary for promoting a new social order based on equality, social harmony and better understanding. This competition was organized both in oral and written form on 21.07.2012 to involve all the students from Grade III onwards. Mr. Surur, Mrs. Vimala, Mrs. Fahmida, Mrs. Shubha Prada, Mrs. Sartaj, Mrs. Sudhanandan and Miss Lakshmi deserve special appreciation. The winners of the written competition were Navneeth of V in juniors and Girish K.N. of IX. And the winners are Diamond facet from the juniors and,the Emerald facet from the seniors.

Science quiz

Learning being a continuous process should not end in the class room.  Science inculcates the spirit of reason and logic and motivates the students to think critically. It prepares the students for a competitive world. Keeping this in mind, we have conducted inter-house Science Quiz on 7th July, 2012 for all the classes in 2 categories-juniors and seniors. The Quiz had oral, visual, buzzer and rapid fire rounds. Diamond facet secured first, followed by Emerald in Junior Category. In the senior category, Ruby secured the first place and Diamond secured the Second place. I thank the members of the science club for their good and united effort.


Our team represented in the inter-school volley ball competition organized by the Nobel School at Alipur on 11.07.2012. It provided lot of exposure to our students who had not gone out earlier. Needless to say that, the school had to face a tough fight against their formidable team Bintulhuda School, Alipur. The children learnt a lot about sportsmanship.

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