“73rd Independence Day Celebrated on 15th August 2019.
Chief Guest: H.E. Abdul Haseeb, VFS Bangkok, Under the Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India

"11th Sports Day" Celebrated on 5th November 2016.

Congratulations to winners of Athletic Meet held at Sri K V School organized by Principal Association Chikkaballapur.

Rakshabandhan Day Celebrated on 29/08/2015.

Investiture Ceremony (3/08/13)

Investiture ceremony of the new office bearers of the student council was held on 3rd August 2013- Saturday. Students had cast their ballot & elected their leaders. The Idea was to teach them the entire process of Election. They understood the democratic ruler & value of their votes. The function was graced by Mr. Ajith Prasad A, DDPI, Chikkaballapur and Mr. R.K. Mandal, Principal, BGS World School, Chikkaballapur the school flag was hoisted by the chief guests. In his inaugural address the honorable guest stressed the need for changing the mindset of the children & the values need to be inculcated by the teachers in this regard. Mr. Mandal appreciated the arrangement and reminded the students of their total responsibility. The Principal administered the oath of office bearers and appraised them of the new trends & challenges of a nation. The chief guests presented the facet flags & awarded the badges to the elected leaders. Head girl Miss. Krupa L delivered the acceptance speech & promised to work for the glory of the school. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the class toppers of the bygone year. The children presented a colourful variety entertainment programme at the end.


This festival was celebrated with complete religious fervor and gait in our school. The congregation was attended by parents and children. They sang Bhajans, & performed the rituals. Students presented dances on this occasion. A record number of 130 students presented themselves in Krishna costume and they were felicitated after the function.

66th Independence Day Celebrations

66th Independence Day was celebrated in our school in a grand marmer. Dr.A.B.Geetha the guest of honour unfurled the flag and delivered her message to the children. Hon’ble Maulana Mir Azhar Hussain Abedi, the Imami Jumma Jamath Masjid —e-Jaffaria, Alipur was the chief guest, who addressed the gathering enthralled the audience by his vibrant and prolific speech. In his address, he made everyone to feel proud of their country and said that,\one need not look towards, when our country herself is self reliant. He also felt that, there is divisibility but the situation warrants us, to stand united to keep up communal harmony for the country’s progress. The GEM school provides a conducive environment for the right upbringing of young minds. Various cultural activities were held among the four facets. This programme heralded the glorious legacy of India’s freedom struggle. Each facet had to give four performances- Speech, Patriotic Song, Skit and dance. Ruby house emerged out the best, followed by Sapphire. All the houses are honoured. The function ended with the presentation of mementoes. All the children who have participated in various competitions like, Memory test, Hand Writing test, Science quiz, Social Science Quiz, English language competency etc. were called on the stage and felicitated.

Creative Art Exhibition

Art is the manifestation of thoughts, beauty and nature. It symbolizes unity and make our life colourful. Everything surround us is Art. This are found its best expression in our school, and some heart touching paintings, portraits, sculptures, and crafts were created and displayed by Mr. Ramprasad, the art teacher. The parents who attended the Independence Day observed the art exhibition, and recorded their impressions in the visitor’s book. Mir Azhar Hussain Abedi, the Imami Jumma Masjid-e-Jafferia – Alipur, inaugurated the exhibition, and launded the efforts of the students and the teacher alike and said that his conviction prophecy has come true.

Handwriting Test

A good handwriting reflects a person’s character. We checked the speed, accuracy, neatness, strokes and other components of a good script. When students are in a competitive mood, there is a scope for improvement in their handwriting. Keeping this in mind we decided to go with this. A passage was given to all the students with time limit to complete it. This test revealed that, many students need to develop their writing skills as our present examination system depends entirely on speed and accuracy in writing. A Handwriting competition from I to X was held on 1st August, 2012.

Red colour day

Montessori method of teaching consists of learning through being active observation of colours , things, nature etc. To strengthen the above said components of learning, we had observed ‘A red colour day’ on
week-ending the 24th of August 2012. The children wore red coloured costumes, holding red coloured fruits and flowers. When the children came out displaying collectively, it appeared as if the celestial body, the Mars dropped on to this earth. In all, kids recognize the colour Red.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

The Birthday of Lord Krishna was Celebrated with pomp and full galore by-the students and teachers on Ashtami the eighth day of Shravana masa. It was attended by many parents and Well-Wishers. More than 50 tiny tots Wore Krislma and Radha’s costumes and stole the heart of the audience. The specialty of the particular celebration Was, the children from among the Muslim community also thronged into the stage, and showcased the communal harmony which is missing these days. The function delivered a strong message to the society that India is a country Where, Unity in Diversity could be a reality and these festivals would make it possible. The school has organized different entertaining games such as breaking the pot and Tug of War. The Principal and the faculty explained the relevance of Lord Krishna.   

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